First pair of hand knitted socks

As promised, here is a photograph of my very first pair of knitted socks. They're not very exciting, I made them out of left over wool that has been in my knitting bag since ooooh, way-back-way-back-when! However, I've jazzed them up a little by making the heel and toes in a different colour! I'm very pleased with them and they fit a treat.

Now I have a choice, I can either spend a couple of hours updating my website with photographs of jewellery that I've made this week or I can get started on knitting a new pair of socks with some very jazzy wool that I bought on-line ... um, sorry but there's no competition. It's really nice to be doing something creative that isn't jewellery related. I love - really love - making jewellery, but at the moment, I'm on a sock kick (geddit??!)

Anyway, here's a taster of some new beads that I made this week. I'm calling them blueberry crush, I'm really pleased with them and I have made loads of jewellery with them this week. I will update my website with all the new things on Sunday. If you want to see them before, you'll have to come to my stall tomorrow at the Cambridge Art & Crafts Market on Trinity Street!