I added some more colours to the Georgia range yesterday when updating my website in pink and black. The pink is extra-special delicious in my opinion! Most of the colours are on the Lampwork > Lampwork Jewellery page. There are some photographs missing of the matching earrings, these will follow shortly! There is also a brown recycled glass version and blue recycled version.
I've also added a new "Romance" bracelet with matching earrings on the Lampwork Jewellery page. The name was inspired by the pretty, feminine colour combo (and also hoping for Valentine's day sales!) Hearts in tanzanite, tiny butterflies in light amethyst and swarovski pearls in the palest pink.
Our window cleaner came to do the windows this morning, he comes every five weeks and the time has just flown by, it was icy and cold last time he came so we have had over a month of this freezing cold weather. The novelty of the snow is wearing off a bit now! It hasn't defrosted all week and apparently there is another dollop of the stuff on the way tonight. Anyway, poor Vincent's van got stuck in our driveway; I had to find the shovel so he could dig his way out. Fortunately DH was here working from home so he gave him a bit of a push and he was away!